COPS Board of Directors

COPS Board of Directors

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Ken Tutwiler, President


My name is Ken Tutwiler, President and Founder of Cops Out Preaching Salvation, (COPS).

I have been very blessed because I was raised by Christian parents in a Southern Baptist Church. When I was seven years old I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and save me from my sins. Shortly after I was saved, I was baptized. When I turned fourteen years old, I felt like I did not have a true understanding of what I did at the age of seven so I rededicated my life to the Lord and I got baptized again.

In 1982, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I moved away from home and unfortunately, I fell away from Christ and I started living a life of sin.

Back in 1986, I started my career in law enforcement working as a California Correctional Officer at the California Institution for Men in Chino, CA.   One of my partners that worked the prison yard with me was a Christian. We would walk around the yard and he would witness to the inmates. Little did he know he was also witnessing to me. I was the prodigal son who needed to repent and so again I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. Thank You Jesus for your grace and mercy, for it is truly sufficient!

I worked as a Correctional Officer for two years and then in 1988 I lateraled over to the California State Police where I served the public for three years. In 1991, I lateraled to a local Municipal Police Department where I am currently employed as a Police Detective.

I am married to a wonderful Christian lady. We have been married for over twenty-six years and we have been blessed with three wonderful children, a son in law and a granddaughter. We attend a wonderful church that is part of the Calvary Churches in Southern California.

Approximately nineteen years ago my former partner Skip Showalter, asked me if I would go with him to the California Youth Authority, (Heman Stark Correctional Facility) to support him as he preached. I went with Brother Skip and I fell in love with the ministry. I continued going with Brother Skip where I gradually got involved “Cell Ministries” and eventually preaching from the pulpit. One day I was reading Matthew 25:36 and I knew then without a doubt that God called me into prison ministry.

God has blessed me with wonderful Christian men like David Reynolds, Randy Ryder, Leon Phillips and Brian Dodson who serve on the Board of Director’s for COPS Ministry and Dr. Tim Hall and Dave Crain who serve as Executive Board Members to COPS ministry. Over the years God has added to the ministry with several committed men and women officers from different police agencies in Southern California who have a heart to serve the Lord.

God has expanded our territory as we have preached in prisons in California, Arkansas, Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana and Massachusetts. I am excited to see where God will continue to lead us.

Chaplain Ken Tutwiler

David Reynolds, Vice President

My name is David Reynolds, Vice President of Cops Out Preaching Salvation, COPS.  I am a ‘Son of a Cop!’  I tease people all the time that I have been called worse and so has my dad!

Growing up my father was a fast moving commander in the Riverside County Sherriff’s Department.  At the age of 13 my parents got divorced and my life was torn apart.  I became a hardhearted youngster.  Thankfully, I was sheltered from the many destructive devices that flood our youth today.  I found my peace and identity in playing youth tackle football.  In high school, football remained my identity.  I was an angry young man that through the course of having three different varsity football coaches came to the conclusion that authentic fatherly leadership was an illusion.  Moving on to college my professors confirmed and encouraged my disbelief in the existence of such leadership.  Near the end of my college journey I was introduced to The Way, The Truth and The Light of Jesus Christ, the ultimate authentic fatherly leader!

It was in 1988, in a packed Fresno Sports Arena, filled with Amway distributors, when I was enlightened to the truth that the authentic fatherly leadership I didn’t believe in, could exist.  I was introduced to Jesus Christ.  I was introduced to the fact that He was real and authentic.  Jesus wanted to love me and be my leader!  I went to Fresno that weekend looking for a means of owning a business and left with a hope that my new desired concept of authentic fatherly leadership really existed.

Over the course of time The Holy Spirit healed my hard heart.  My dad and I re-connected and is my best friend today!  Without his constant guidance and love in my life I can’t imagine how lost I would be!  My dad has been and continues to be a true example of authentic fatherly leadership in my life.

Being part of the COPS Ministries has blessed me with the opportunity to reach out to societies outcast and remind them that no sin is too dark or horrible for The Lord to forgive.  Being part of COPS has allowed me to share the truth that authentic fatherly leadership does exist in Jesus Christ.

By the Grace of God there go COPS!  Shalom

Brian Dodson

I grew up part of my childhood life in the City of Compton, California. I am the youngest of eight and needless to say, there was always something going on in my household. I was blessed to grow up with both parents in the home and both strong Christians. I was blessed to attend Christian Schools throughout my school years. I came to know the Lord at an early age; however, I was still doing what kids do.

I continued to mature in my Christian walk; it was a slow process. I became a man, still attending church, or should I say, “playing church.”   It was not until my father went home to be with the Lord, that he loved so dearly, when I realized God had a calling on my life. I always knew God wanted something more out of me than I was giving Him. It’s funny how life’s trials and tribulations can cause you to see what God wants to be.

Now I’m a little older and a little wiser, however, I do have a lot more to learn. God has been so good to me, better than I will ever be.   Through it all, God has kept me, allowed me to be a police officer for 15 years, gave me an awesome family, and a future that I am so excited to enter. Just remember, God has something in store for you and your family and all you have to do is let go and let God. May God build a fence of protection around you.


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