COPS Blotter – August 2019

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COPS Blotter August 2019

Greetings friends                                                                                                                    October 2019

On behalf of COPS Ministry, we pray all is well with you and your families.  I feel it is important to update you all to what COPS ministry has been up to.

We have been faithful serving the Lord once a month at the men’s U Turn for Christ Facility in Perris, California.

We also have a team of women that have been ministering to the women at U Turn for Christ in Perris, California as well.

In June, members from the team ministered at International Faith Center in Oakland California.  The team had a great time in fellowship and worship.   It is always great getting together with Chaplain Banks!

In July, members from the team went to Arizona for our sixteenth year in a row.  We visited four prisons in three days.  We ministered to men in Phoenix West Prison, Red Rock Prison, Florence Prison and Arizona State Prison.

The team did a total of seven services in just those three days.  We ministered to several men. 15 men received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and 65 men rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ.  To God be all the glory!

In July, members from COPS Ministry held a two-day special church service at Mountain of Life Church in Surprise Arizona.  Pastor Grammar invited us to preach and to have ex-convicts come in and share their testimonies.  We had a wonderful time.  There were bikers for Christ and ex-convicts that gave their testimonies.  One gentleman by the name of Jack gave his testimony Saturday night.  He spent 35 years in prison in Florence Prison for two murders.  He was the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang and continued to be violent inside the prison which landed him in the hole.  He said that he never had a challenge with drugs or alcohol.  It was power that controlled him.  He loved power! He said he was told by the Warden that he would never see the light and that he would spend the rest of his life locked down in the hole.  He said he was told the only time he will ever leave the hole was basically in a body bag.

One day while sitting in his cell, an officer walked by, opened the little food hatch and tossed a Bible into his cell.  He said he looked at that Bible, picked it up and threw it into the corner of his cell.  Two and a half months later he picked up that Bible and began to read it.  He read it from cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelation.  He read it everyday for about a year until he finished it.  He said it changed his life!  When he read about the love of Jesus, that was the beginning to his heart transformation.  He gave his life to Jesus!  One day he asked an officer for a pin and sheet of paper and he wrote a letter to the Warden stating that he gave his life to Jesus and was now dropping out of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang.  This was a miracle!  Eventually he was released from prison and is now serving Jesus.  He has been back to Florence Prison to minister to the inmates where he did his time.  He has even received death threats but that has not detoured him from serving Jesus!  Friends, stories like these are real!  That is why we go to the prisons and preach the gospel to men and women that are incarcerated.  We all need Jesus!  God is no respecter of man.  All have sinned, no one is good, no not one.

It was so great to see and hear from men and women that were at one time in their life addicted to drugs and alcohol and a life of crime that came to know Jesus and receive Him as their Lord and Savior and to now see what He is doing in all of their lives.

I had the honor that weekend to preach Saturday evening.  Four people came forward to rededicate their lives to Jesus and two people received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  One of those persons was a four-year old boy that raised his hand to receive Jesus.  I had Pastor Grammar come up and meet with that little fellow while I prayed with the others.  That little fellow gave his life to Jesus!  In Luke 10:21 Scripture talks about truths can be revealed to little children which means that the redemption story of Christ is actually quite simple.

On Saturday 10-26-19, we hosted our annual Rick Albee – Floyd Henry three-gun memorial shoot fundraiser.  We had a great turnout and a wonderful time.

We are very grateful to the following businesses and people for their support:

  • Menifee IHOP for donating our breakfast
  • Keith Nash for donating the sausage dogs for lunch
  • Todd and Trisha Kinney owners of Rialto Trophy for donating the trophies and medals
  • Kiewit Construction for a generous check
  • Vince Torres Bullseye Sport for a generous check and supplies for the fundraiser
  • Matt Johnson owner of Wren’s Ranch Sportsmen’s Park
  • Dave Crain GM at Dutton Motors
  • Riverside Police Officer’s Association raffle baskets and check
  • Monster Energy for raffle prizes
  • All the volunteer staff from Wren’s Ranch Sportsmen’s Park/Safety Instructor’s
  • All the associates from COPS Ministry for their time and money and gifts

Remember, we appreciate your prayers, encouragement and financial support to COPS OUT PREACHING SALVATION.  Stay strong in the Lord!  We love and appreciate you!

Chaplain Ken Tutwiler

Matthew 25:36

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COPS Mission Statement

To share God’s love and grace expressed through His wonderful Son Jesus Christ.To reach those who are incarcerated in jails and prisons, giving them hope through Jesus, assuring them that no matter what sins they have committed, if they will confess their sin and believe in their heart, Jesus is faithful and will forgive them.

To encourage and mentor those who are in bondage, teaching them they are made into a new creation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; that by faith through grace we are saved.

To bring glory to Jesus Christ through obedience to our commission and by giving all of the praise and all the glory to God.