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We are not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of salvation to those who believe and we know that this same power of salvation that brought us into right relationship with God can do so also for inmates and convicts across the country. With that mission in mind, we carry the uncompromised Gospel behind the gray bars and barbed wire of prisons and jails to share the love of Christ with the prisoners housed in them.

COPS AR 2013

COPS When Two Worlds Collide

COPS When Two Worlds Collide

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Listen as President of COPS Ministries, Chaplain Ken Tutwieler explains who COPS are.

COPS are blessed to touch lives

Hear what men have to say about COPS at UTurn for Christ.

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COPS at Colorado Christian University

COPS at Shelby Prison Memphis Tennessee

Hardeman Prision

COPS out Preaching Salvation 08/30/10 07:45PM

COPS in Jean NV 2010

Ouachita River Prison

Varner and Cummins

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COPS Mission Statement

To share God’s love and grace expressed through His wonderful Son Jesus Christ.To reach those who are incarcerated in jails and prisons, giving them hope through Jesus, assuring them that no matter what sins they have committed, if they will confess their sin and believe in their heart, Jesus is faithful and will forgive them.

To encourage and mentor those who are in bondage, teaching them they are made into a new creation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; that by faith through grace we are saved.

To bring glory to Jesus Christ through obedience to our commission and by giving all of the praise and all the glory to God.